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We will buy your vehicle in any condition! Sell us your used, well loved, old, damaged, wrecked, or broken automobile and get cash in your pocket on the spot. No haggling, we don’t even need to come inspect the vehicle beforehand. As long as it is in the condition you state when you get your quote, you will get exactly what we quoted you, and will tow it away for free. We are one of the most trusted cash-for junk cars companies who have been doing this for a long while and have scraped over 10 thousand vehicles to date.

Take a look at our process

We buy and pick up vehicles up to 50 miles outside of the Sacramento area in order to serve you. We understand unwanted vehicles can be difficult to get rid of, and we would like to make it as effortless and quick as possible. You can contact us through text, phone call, or email-but the most effective way to get rid of your junk car quickly is to give us a call and get a quote. You will feel secure right away that we will take care of you and give you the best customer service possible, and pay you the most for your vehicle. Don’t wait-call today!

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Our Process for Damaged Cars

We will assess the damage with you over the phone, possibly requesting pictures of the damage and asking a few detailed questions and give you a personalized quote. After that, it is as simple as setting up a pickup window, and we will tow your damaged vehicle away. In most cases, we can even pick it up the same day. In 2021, there were 286.9 million vehicles in the US… many of those damaged and laying around. Let’s get those eye sores recycled and make you some money at the same time. Call us to get rid of your old garbage vehicles and get compensated!

"So I really can sell my vehicle to In any condition?!

es, you most definitely can! We want to buy your vehicle whether or not your vehicle is old, used, damaged, wrecked, not starting, has a few issues, or in good running condition. Super Car Junker’s tow truck drivers carry the cash with them to make your pocket heavy as soon as we drive away with your vehicle. We ensure we pay you the best price we can, and make the process quick and easy


Can I still sell you my vehicle if it's missing parts?

We are happy to help with every situation we can. Give us a call, and we will get the details we need to give you a personalized quote. In most cases, we can offer our services. Give us a call to get a quote, or fill out the form below!